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Our wholesale program
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Our wholesale program

Mapery's premium city map posters are a great addition to any store selling home decor. The simple yet luxurious design goes with any style, and we think your customers will love it.

If you have questions about our wholesale program, drop us an email at [email protected].

What retailers are saying

"Our customers are loving the clean designs and great price point. The offering of cities is fantastic and the quality of the prints are beautiful. We've been so pleased with how easy it is to work with Mapery as well!"

Rebecca, Ville and Rue

What customers are saying

"Paper quality is brilliant, looks sharp and attractive on the wall and brings back great memories whenever I walk past it."


Terms summary

We have put together an offer that works for retailers of all sizes. Here's the gist of it:

No minimums

Ordering a single print works just as well as ordering 100 prints.


We have a volume-based pricing model, with 30%, 40%, or 50% discount on the MSRP, depending on order volume.

Free shipping

Shipping is always included in our prices, to make it easier for you to calculate your profit.


Offer our whole collection, with over 1,000 cities, without keeping all of them in stock. We offer to ship orders directly to your customers, in addition to shipping to your store.

Sell on your website

You have to sell our products in your physical store, but you are also allowed to sell them on your website.

Our maps

With a clean Scandinavian design, our map prints bring elegance and timelessness to the wall decor of homes and offices of any style. By using our own unique map rendering technique, we reproduce the cities' street patterns with the accuracy and attention to detail they deserve.

The maps are printed on a bright white, museumworthy paper with a matte finish.

Map poster of Paris, France

How our pricing works

We offer a volume-based pricing model, with 30%, 40%, or 50% discount on the MSRP, depending on the volume of your order. Below is a list of our wholesale prices for the sizes we offer (all prices are in USD).

Size MSRP 30% discount 40% discount 50% discount
18x24 inches $39.00 $27.30 $23.40 $19.50
50x70 cm $39.00 $27.30 $23.40 $19.50
24x36 inches $59.00 $41.30 $35.40 $29.50
70x100 cm $59.00 $41.30 $35.40 $29.50
12x16 inches Not offered wholesale
30x40 cm Not offered wholesale
  • If you order a single print, your discount is 30% of the MSRP.
  • If you order more than one print, your discount is 40%.
  • If you order for more than $300, your discount is 50%.

Shipping is always free, even if you order just a single print.

No minimums

We offer over 1,000 cities in our collection, which is obviously too much to keep in stock even for the most ambitious retailer. When we started with wholesale, our retailers quickly discovered that popular travel destinations such as Paris and New York are good to keep in stock. However, many customers asked for small cities that the retailers never could have anticipated that someone would order.

To fix this problem, we started with a volume-based pricing model and removed our minimums, so you can offer our full collection to your customers. A nice side effect is that the volume-based pricing model also removes risk for you, since you can get your feet wet by ordering just a few prints to try Mapery in your store.

Ordering process

By joining our wholesale program, you get access to an online form you can use to place wholesale orders in less than a minute, anytime you want.

If you sell online on Shopify, Squarespace, or any other popular platform, we can also connect your store to automate the process.

Contact us at [email protected] and we will help you to get started.

Our story

Mapery was started in 2015, practically by accident. Andreas, the founder, was in the yearly last minute desperation of finding the perfect birthday present for his wife. Being both a software developer and a designer, and recalling his wife's great fascination with maps, he decided to make her an elegant map print of her favorite city.

To rationalize the shocking number of hours he spent on making a birthday present, Andreas started Mapery. Andreas's wife was the first to hang a Mapery print on her wall, but definitely not the last. Today Mapery decorates the walls of thousands of homes all over the world. People enjoy Mapery as birthday presents, admiration of their hometowns, and memories of past travels.

Sign up for a wholesale account to offer your customers something they will love.

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