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A Black Friday deal to fight climate change

Photo by Dave Hoefler

Green Friday 2020

Last updated November 24, 2020

This year we will do Black Friday a little bit differently. Instead of offering a regular Black Friday deal, we will do Green Friday, to help fighting climate change.

25% of all sales on Friday (November 27, 2020) will go to Climeworks. So if you for example order two map prints for $78, you will contribute with $19.50 for a healthier atmosphere.

About Climeworks


During the last few centuries, humanity has emitted and continues to emit enormous amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These excessive amounts cause rapid changes to our climate, all around the world. Changes that jeopardize life as we know it.

One organization that has set out to make a serious attempt at reversing climate change is Climeworks. They remove carbon dioxide from the air with their direct air capture machines. The carbon dioxide is then mixed with water and pumped deep underground. Through natural mineralization, the carbon dioxide turns into stone within a few years, and is permanently and safely stored.

Read more about Climeworks on their website.

Future commitments

We realize that our Green Friday deal is just a small, small drop in an ocean of necessary interventions to stop and reverse climate change. But we need to #actnow and every potential help is needed.

Stay tuned for more commitments we plan to launch in 2021.

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